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Mrs Jennifer O’Reilly

A single thank you is not nearly enough to convey just how thrilled we are with our new kitchen, so here are a few more.

Thank you for listening carefully to my ideas and very tactfully steering me away from those that I might possibly regret later.

Thank you for continuing to listen even when I changed my mind.

Thank you for the benefit of your solid experience in delivering a practical, beautiful kitchen.

Thank you for products that just ooze quality.

Thank you for a professional, craftsman installation and prompt removal of all rubbish.

Thank you for premium brand appliances. Who knew an oven could be so clever?

Thank you for your meticulous eye for detail – it definitely shows.

And a special thank you for a floor that always looks clean.

But the biggest thank you of all is for the unexpectedly low cost of all of this, truly welcome value.

In a crowded market of kitchen suppliers we really appreciated your no-pressure way of doing business.

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